Tony McNeight is a big picture thinker.
His innovative creative thought process turned a unique idea into a stunningly successful event
- The Giant Poppy Art Project.
No idea is too big or too small.
The Giant Poppy required precise planning, substantial fundraising. Also management of diverse relationships including council, supporters, traditional and social media and nine days onsite with thousands visiting.
The outcome was celebrated nationwide and is a testament to his ability to create and produce an event of this magnitude.


Tony McNeight – my story

Sliding downhill by the sea, shell fights on the beach and digging holes so big we thought we might reach China. That was my ‘golden weather’ childhood which led me in my creative direction – “working with crayons” as a friend of mine calls it.
From Art School I ended up in the mad men ad industry complete with long lunches, hard work, tough deadlines and tougher clients.
After being a partner in a large agency I went solo to get on with my ideas, my way.
I have been mixing my creative strategic thinking with commercial ideas while painting huge canvases.
All my creative and professional experience culminated in the Giant Poppy.

The Giant Poppy Art Project

The biggest poppy in the world! Consisting of 59,000 red metal discs (petals ) placed on the ground of the Auckland domain by New Zealanders with personal messages. This hugely successful Art Project honoured those 59,000 men and women who gave their lives for our freedom and democracy. Writing /drawing on the poppy petals gave young people a chance to open dialogue with their parents. For older people this was an opportunity to say thank you, and for many it was an opportunity for closure. The Giant Poppy will remain one of the biggest ‘participatory’ art projects undertaken by the New Zealand public.


experience matters

Industry experience.


I combine strategic and creative thinking to deliver positive change that leaves a mark.

No idea is too small and no job is too big.


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